[LINK] More about iiNet suit - legal opinion on their side it seems

Chris Gilbey chris at perceptric.com
Wed Nov 26 19:41:31 AEDT 2008


Here is how public performance of copyright material actually works:

(This is my first posting to Link so hopefully this will actually be posted,
but I hate to see misinformation posted and since I have been both a
songwriter, a publisher, and a director of APRA, it seems I know a bit about
the discussion on public performance of songs).

* Public performance of copyright works is permitted for any work.

* APRA collects the public revenues from public performances of songs.

* The artist performing does not pay to perform a work. The venue pays. It
is part of the license provisions that they have.

* The artist is obliged to fill in a report noting the works performed.


Chris Gilbey

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