[LINK] And then you discover the FOSS developers are hostile as well...

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Fri Nov 28 21:21:08 AEDT 2008


As some may know, I've switched to free software this year; Linux all
the way.

And for the first time since last year, it comes time to make labels for
the Christmas jars (jams and preserves, about 120 jars to label).

And so now I find that Open Office's developers have turned feral, just
like all the rest. To make labels, I used to make a document based on
Avery A4, and insert the fields from the spreadsheet, all's well.

Now, under the new "we've got a great idea!" rules, OpenOffice will only
make labels from an OO database, so you have to turn the spreadsheet
into a database, follow a different set of instructions to suck the
labels into the document... and then watch it totally fail.

At such a critical time of the year, all I can say is: "So this is it,
we're all going to die." If I don't get the labels made, I'm dead meat.

Could the world start to screen software developers against such hostile
tendencies? Please?


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