[LINK] The cloud vaporises: Will you lose your online files?

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sat Nov 29 23:39:13 AEDT 2008

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch wrote:

> There has been a big push lately for organisations to start using cloud
> computing a lot more.  I have a number of problems with it as with any sort
> of outsourcing.
> * lack of control 
> * lack of auditing ability
> * minimal control over process
> * expensive
> * security
> * oversight
> To name just a few.  I really don't like it.  But then I may be a control
> freak.

Not a control freak. A security possum.

Cloud computing provides a no-install office suite, for example, for
the braindead.

Absolutely *everything* you upload to a cloud computing site is no longer
secure, no longer yours and no longer safe.

To use cloud computing in the enterprise is at best laughable.


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