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Tom Koltai wrote:
> Normally I don’t agree with political candidate bashing. But, having the
> read the article, And believing that George's days in the Big house are
> numbered to less than a 130 I am increasing my life insurance double
> indemnity effective January 31, 2009.
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>    I can't resist bringing this Newsweek article on Sarah Palin to
> Linker's attention - http://www.newsweek.com/id/160080/output/print
>    It's so appallingly serious it's funny.... like the famous cartoon by
> Lowe (I think) from the thirties which shows two men clinging to an
> I-beam high up on a building under construction, one saying to the other
> "Don't laugh, this is serious!".
Insurance is an interesting response - is it religious or financial insurance 
you are taking out?

  I read the article. As I recall, George Bush hadn't been out of the US either 
when he took office. And as to the elite being of any value.

> John Clarke and Bryan Dawe with a lesson on how the financial system really works. 

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