[LINK] 'Static' Blamed for D.C.'s Extra Votes Snafu

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Sat Oct 4 13:53:06 EST 2008

Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:

> "One of the many possible causes could be an electric charge or static 
> discharge," said Errol Arthur, D.C. Board of Elections.

It was...um...STATIC ELECTRICITY! Yeah - that's the ticket - static 
electricity. It's well known for causing extra votes! You can't be too 
careful around static electricity. Yessiree, Bob. Static electricity. 
Yep. That's what it was alright.

And you know, static electricity ALWAYS adds Republican votes. Always. 
No-one knows why, but it's a well-known fact. Any scientist'll tell you 

Uh huh. Static electricity.

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