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Mon Oct 6 23:27:03 EST 2008

Hi all,

Here's a question. Haven't read it elsewhere & wanting Link thoughts on
my ideas re works by Penrose http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_penrose

As electrons have a charge, and zero mass, some scientists have claimed 
they are electromagnetic in origin .. that is, these massless particles
(if such things do exist) are CREATED by those swirling electromagnetic
fields of space that they exist in. Some even extend this to ALL matter.

Thinking about this, if it's true it means all that matter that we know
is formed and reformed over and over again as Earth moves through space.

To me it's an exciting idea. Why? Because if matter is indeed formed by 
electromagnetic swirls in spacetime caused by the curve of space around
the sun, then it's not fixed. And hence, it is possible that all matter
can be influenced at each second of re-creation by other matter that is
also being re-formed in close proximity to it.

So the electromagnetic forces around something will influence its forms
each time it's re-created. So human electromagnetic fields might indeed
be able to influence the nature and action of matter, and, those events
which it subsequently experiences .. in fact, as humans can be powerful
electromagnetic bodies it would seem odd if we didn't effect any matter
being continuously re-created electromagnetically within our proximity?

So, it seems to me, that this may be an simple explanation for numerous
times in the lives of people that 'positive thinking' may indeed seemed
to have had an influence on things & events.  Positive thinking in this
case is taken to mean subconscious wishes, and often taken as pure luck.

The Loop Quantum Gravity string theories assume that space and time are
'granular' and the smallest time granule, Planck time, is 10-43 seconds
for the spin foam. And, Smolin proposes that his 'holographic principle'
would indeed mean that our universe is a network of holograms in fields.
University of California physicist, Shu-Yuan Chu’s recent work suggests
an existence of forward-&-backward-in-time interactions between objects
on earth and all of the other matter in the universe. Earth re-created?

So, in summary, IF galactic electromagnetic and gravitational fields do
indeed create matter as we know it, then our magnetic fields might also
by definition impinge on this process, and hence effect matter & events?

Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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