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> So, it seems to me, that this may be an simple explanation for numerous
> times in the lives of people that 'positive thinking' may indeed seemed
> to have had an influence on things & events.  Positive thinking in this
> case is taken to mean subconscious wishes, and often taken as pure luck.

This sounds like the "law of attraction", the key fundamental in 
things like "The Secret" and "Book of Miracles" and various vibrational
awareness spiritual awakening concepts.   I think it is a bit like 
the Buddhist gist of "your thoughts create the universe", which is
  kind of true.  Positive affirmations do indeed lead to positive 
outcomes, as many have discovered, but it takes focus, determination
and lots of energy, which is why few succeed in changing the universe
for their own betterment.   Which is why I can't levitate and don't have 
a million dollars yet.   But I'm working on it.

> The Loop Quantum Gravity string theories assume that space and time are
> 'granular' and the smallest time granule, Planck time, is 10-43 seconds
> for the spin foam. And, Smolin proposes that his 'holographic principle'
> would indeed mean that our universe is a network of holograms in fields.
> University of California physicist, Shu-Yuan Chu’s recent work suggests
> an existence of forward-&-backward-in-time interactions between objects
> on earth and all of the other matter in the universe. Earth re-created?
> So, in summary, IF galactic electromagnetic and gravitational fields do
> indeed create matter as we know it, then our magnetic fields might also
> by definition impinge on this process, and hence effect matter & events?

I am no scientist, but I like to think our brains act on a quantum
level.  What we perceive as electrical impulses and fields emanating 
from our brains are, as I like to think, a manifestation of quantum 
processes, that allow our consciousness to run outside of reality, such in 
the forms of dreams, imagination, processing thoughts
  and so on.   I hope I do not sound loopy about all this - I have 
often pondered a Sci-Fi story where it was found that the brain 
was a quantum engine and so on.....


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