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>Hello Microsoft, goodbye privacy.

Microsoft to launch 'Windows Cloud' this month

Meyer, ZDNet UK

03 October 2008 08:07 AM

Microsoft will launch an operating system for the 'cloud' in four 
weeks, chief executive Steve Ballmer told delegates at a 
Microsoft-sponsored developer conference in London on Wednesday.

Tentatively entitled 'Windows Cloud', although Ballmer suggested it 
would have a "snazzier name" at launch, the product is designed to 
make it possible to "just... write an application and... push it to 
the cloud", Ballmer said.

'Cloud computing' is a term used to describe a situation where 
applications are based on web servers and accessed through internet 
connections, rather than being installed on clients. This leads to a 
new business model of subscription-based applications, generally 
known as 'software as a service' (SaaS) but dubbed by Microsoft as 
'software plus services'.

Amazon said on Wednesday that it would offer some of its 
cloud-computing customers the option of running Windows over its 
systems. Others have argued that Google's recently launched Chrome 
browser includes many features, such as its use of the Gears 
offline-functionality, which could help it evolve at some point into 
a cloud-based operating system.

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