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Roger Clarke wrote:
> [I can't see this sign-off anywhere on the net, and it deserves a 
> life, even if its subject-matter is suffering a terminal condition]

When are companies and individuals going to stop looking for the 'next 
big thing' and create the next big thing right here, right now to 
address all those problems and issues the real world is facing - poor 
economic management, poor education, poor health, poor stewardship of 
our planet etc.  When you think of the money that a group of individuals 
  made creating a make believe world which may according to the Canberra 
Times correspondent be in its death throes, why wasn't it spent on 
addressing real world issues?

Maybe I am risk averse but I do shake my head at our market driven 
society, or at least that's how it appears to me, and where the waste 

I am tempted to speak on but this is enough I suspect.


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