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>Microsoft has been granted a patent on 'Page Up' and 'Page Down'
>The software giant applied for the patent in 2005, and was granted it on
>August 19, 2008. US patent number 7,415,666
>describes "a method and system in a document viewer for scrolling a
>substantially exact increment in a document, such as one page,
>regardless of whether the zoom is such that some, all or one page is
>currently being viewed".
>The patent's listed 'inventors' are Timothy Sellers, Heather Grantham
>and Joshua Dersch. However, Page Up and Page Down keyboard buttons have
>been in existence for at least quarter of a century, as evidenced by
>this image of a 1981 IBM PC keyboard
><http://www.vintage-computer.com/images/83key.jpg> .
>"In one implementation, pressing a Page Down or Page Up keyboard
>key/button allows a user to begin at any starting vertical location
>within a page, and navigate to that same location on the next or
>previous page," reads the patent's summary.
>"For example, if a user is viewing a page starting in a viewing area
>from the middle of that page and ending at the bottom, a Page Down
>command will cause the next page to be shown in the viewing area
>starting at the middle of the next page and ending at the bottom of the
>next page. Similar behavior occurs when there is more than one column of
>pages being displayed in a row," states the summary.
>Microsoft has a long history of applying for, and being granted patents
>for, inventions that many argue--and can sometimes demonstrate--were
>based on earlier work carried out by others, or based on a common,
>self-evident idea.
>One example is the company's patent on a mouse wheel that can scroll up
>and down; another is its patent on double-clicking buttons. The company
>received its 5,000th patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office in
>March 2006, and is currently approaching the 10,000 mark.
>This follows Thompson Reuters attack on Zotero
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