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Brenda Aynsley wrote:
> Roger Clarke wrote:
>> [I can't see this sign-off anywhere on the net, and it deserves a 
>> life, even if its subject-matter is suffering a terminal condition]
> When are companies and individuals going to stop looking for the 'next 
> big thing' and create the next big thing right here, right now to 
> address all those problems and issues the real world is facing - poor 
> economic management, poor education, poor health, poor stewardship of 
> our planet etc.  When you think of the money that a group of individuals 
>   made creating a make believe world which may according to the Canberra 
> Times correspondent be in its death throes, why wasn't it spent on 
> addressing real world issues?
> Maybe I am risk averse but I do shake my head at our market driven 
> society, or at least that's how it appears to me, and where the waste 
> occurs.
There are two books I have found enlightening:

Last year I came across "Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude",  in which 
Hilson and Murray-Webster elaborate on the role of Heuristics and Emotional 
Intelligence in risk assessment and management. They classify Individuals as 
risk averse, risk neutral or risk tolerant and discuss how this influences 
individual and groups behavior towards risk identification and management. To 
some, inclusion in the group is important. Risk Takers may unrealistically 
emphasise benefits and underplay or not look for threats. Acheivement focussed 
individuals may seek lesser but less threatening outcomes. Individuals attitudes 
to risk and their role in the group, also affect the group's attitude to risk. 

and a few years ago:
> Corporate Collapse - Accounting, Regulatory and Ethical Failure - sheds light on corporate collapse from the 1960s to the 1990s and beyond including Bond, HIH and One.Tel.

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