[LINK] Progress of Industry/Group representatives in trying to stop the Governments ISP Filtering proposal

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Tue Oct 14 11:00:03 EST 2008

Hey all,

	I'd like to know from the different industry groups and consumer
advocate groups that represent us, what their progress/plans are for
stopping the governments ISP Filtering proposal.

	EFA, IIA, ISOC.AU, etc etc

	I know that the EFA has nocleanfeed.com, but I'd like to know about
the others efforts.

	The EFA is suggesting people join so they have more money to do
stuff. I'd like to know 'what' stuff. if they had the money, what
would/could they do with it?

	I'd also like to know what these and other groups are actually doing
other than websites. because I don't think a website will do much at all to
rally people to do something.

	I am not saying I have any better suggestions. I am simply bringing
this discussion up so we can maybe come up with something that might make
them listen?

	Perhaps something like 'No Internet Hour' - where every ISP involved
turns off the internet for all their consumer customers for an hour, or
diverts them to a page which explains what is happening.  While I realise
that most ISP's are commercial entities and some wouldn't have the guts, it
would certainly raise some awareness.

	Perhaps we do our own filtering protest and send all .gov.au
websites to page which explains the situation for a few days or a week.

	Just some discussion points, because in this day and age, most
people sit on their ass, do nothing, and governments do whatever the hell
they like.

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