[LINK] Sort of OT: the downside of the GUI...

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 19 18:11:49 EST 2008

...which in my current life as a Linux user looking at CAD is that in
some apps, GUIs impose the wrong way of working on a person who thinks
in text.

Now, for a trained CAD person I'm sure that visual CAD is just the bees'
knees. For someone who thinks in text, it's a boring, slow and
inaccurate process.

Now, if I were merely asked to key in the dimensions of blocks (I'm
interested in Timbercrete, Google it), the mortar thickness, the
incremental benchmarks, the number of courses, the dimensions of walls /
doors / windows - then I could type the instructions in 30 minutes. I'm
a really fast typist ...

Whereas crawling along with a mouse in a GUI-based CAD is just painful.
Is there such a thing as a text-mode designer in which I can skip the
rendering until I'm ready?

Cheers all,
Richard C

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