[LINK] Show me the money

Sylvano sylvano at gnomon.com.au
Mon Oct 20 22:29:00 EST 2008

A quick aside: 

I noticed that the Australian Parliament House website has a new search 
functionality, layout and look since I was there last. 

Going to the Advanced tab is a little more daunting than the old 
version, with an options panel akin to a flight panel.  But there is a 
nice feature now, where you can tick items and add them to 'your list' 
to build up saved document references.  Oh, and the spirit of 
social networks, you can define your search profile.


Anyway, the money.

While at the aph, I happened upon the notice about the 
"Senate Order on Government Agency Contracts" that requires:

each Minister to table a letter of advice that a list of contracts, 
in respect of each agency administered by that Minister, has been 
placed on the Internet, with access to the list through the 
department's home page. The letter must be tabled no later than 
the 10th day of the spring and autumn sittings each year.

It's for contracts $100,000+

Now for parliamentary services, that was easy to find as it's on the 
page I landed, and told me that during calendar 2007, AFP protective 
services for parliament house cost $12,000,000 and Telstra got 
$1.7 million for telephone and internet services.


So I went back to the AG site where I'd just been visiting to see 
if I could find the same thing there.  That was a little harder 
from doing a straight browse of the site, so I used the search 
tool to find 'Agency Contracts' with success.

You can see how many millions are provided to the states for
legal aid, like $137 million in Victoria, or the $2.4 million
to CyberTrust Australia for provision of secure gateway.

Another ugly AG url: 

But, the thing that really struck me is why I can't download a spreadsheet 
from one location with all the info for all departments.

Unless someone else knows of such a resource...




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