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Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Mon Oct 20 22:31:43 EST 2008

On 20/10/2008, at 10:29 PM, Sylvano wrote:
> I noticed that the Australian Parliament House website has a new  
> search
> functionality, layout and look since I was there last. [snip]

I'll take this opportunity to pimp http://openaustralia.org, an  
Australian website based on the concept of the UK's http://theyworkforyou.com 
  ... searchable, RSSable parliamentary debates... House, Senate,  

They're not parsing speeches currently 'cos of the change to the  
format Sylvano mentions. However APH are making the underlying XML  
available and openaustralia.org will have the new parser online "soon".


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