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Kaul, Jasmine Jasmine.Kaul at finance.gov.au
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An aside on the aside (!):

I had a look at the, yes, more daunting "ParlInfo Search" and came
across terms and conditions for its use

 ParlInfo Search is available to provide greater community access to the
national legislature and related documents.

Copyright of material such as the broadcasts, belongs to the
Commonwealth of Australia and no unauthorised use may be made of that

The Commonwealth Parliament makes the material available on the
condition that it shall not be used for:

    * political party advertising or election campaigning;
    * satire or ridicule; or
    * commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising.

Note also that:

    * the radio and TV broadcasts results will be the metadata
(descriptive) information only due to copyright restrictions;
    * the television Parliamentary broadcasts from our website are
continuous and while in that complete and unaltered state are protected
by parliamentary privilege. Extracts or excerpts of the broadcast are
protected if they constitute fair and accurate reports of proceedings.

The Commonwealth Parliament is not liable for any loss or damage arising
from use of the material or from delays or interruptions to the service.

Any inquiries concerning this service should be addressed to:
ParlInfoSearch at aph.gov.au 

Seems a little... over-the-top to me. Shall not be used for satire or
ridicule? Also: why have explicit terms and conditions for the search
function but not the website itself? There is a copyright statement, but
the content is not the same as the ParlInfo Search conditions.
Incidentally, those conditions were remarkably hard to find again. If
you are going to impose terms and conditions on users, surely you should
at least enable users to find said terms and conditions?

- Jasmine

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A quick aside: 

I noticed that the Australian Parliament House website has a new search
functionality, layout and look since I was there last. 

Going to the Advanced tab is a little more daunting than the old
version, with an options panel akin to a flight panel.  But there is a
nice feature now, where you can tick items and add them to 'your list' 
to build up saved document references.  Oh, and the spirit of social
networks, you can define your search profile.




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