[LINK] RFC: Moving on from Mac Eudora

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Wed Oct 22 14:42:10 EST 2008

Roger Clarke wrote:
> I need to investigate Thunderbird, and maybe Powermail and Mailsmith.
I love thunderbird, currently stores all my emails back to the late 
1990s and handles it with aplomb.  Great search facilities within it and 
very flexible as a client application.

I am very happy with it, having grown up though netscape mail 2, 3 etc 
after eudora in the mid 90s.

I looked at evolution on windows and mac and think its a great outlook 
clone, but it seems to lack the flexibility of thunderbird, or maybe I 
just dont know it so well.

I have used lightning in thunderbird for calendaring but due to my need 
to synch to a palm I am now back to using the evolution calendar but I 
lack the integration with email that lightning provides.

happy to talk offline if you want roger.

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