[LINK] Chinese surfers see red over Microsoft black-outs

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Fri Oct 24 07:46:58 EST 2008

At 06:01 AM 24/10/2008, Scott Howard wrote:
>What WGA actually does is to remove any background image you have on the
>desktop, and instead gives you a plain black background.  The computer and
>all programs still work exactly as you'd expect (the exception being Windows
>Update and the like)

If that's the case, a plain background, they should care why? Seems 
like if the trade-off is paying exorbitant prices to MS versus 
working on what we all used to, a text terminal, I could do without 
the pretty pictures. Or is it seen as a shaming mechanism? That is, 
if the user doesn't have a desktop photo, they are outed and 
therefore arrested by the authorities?


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