[LINK] Conroy's advisor bullying censorship dissenters

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Fri Oct 24 14:55:53 EST 2008

Stilgherrian wrote:
> And me in Crikey today:
> "Cheap tricks not the right response on internet filtering"
> http://www.crikey.com.au/Media-Arts-and-Sports/20081024-Cheap-tricks-not-the-right-response-on-internet-filtering.html
> Stil
Interesting Stil.

You know the significance of a comment in a conversation on Skype with 
an academic who lives in Launceston this week didn't hit me until just 
now.  She said "Our internet access isn't fast in Tasmania"  I was 
blaming the low provisioning rate of services by ISPs over there and the 
big one they probably all use as the backbone.  However it all makes 
sense to me now ....

Be alert, be aware of what's in store for us all unless we are 
successful in changing the government's mind on this plainly waste of 
money attempt to protect families from harmful material.

I've said since the early 90s everywhere I could, education not 
isolation, and I continue to say it when I can to as many as possible.


Brenda Aynsley, FACS, PCP

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