[LINK] Conroy's advisor bullying censorship dissenters

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Michael Meloni wrote:
> Nick Minchin weighs in on filtering;
>  http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;879301684
> First time I believe.

and this:

> Cybersafety & Net Filtering
> Estimates Transcripts | Spokesperson Scott Ludlam
> Monday 20th October 2008, 12:00am
> in
> Senator MINCHIN-That is what you would anticipate here. You have no reason to believe there would
> be any other-
> Senator Conroy-That is why we are going through the testing process.
> Senator MINCHIN-Where does the 30 per cent figure I hear come from?
> Senator Conroy-I think there was a former minister who liked to champion it extensively. If you set out to design a filter that wants to cripple the speed of your computer, you can do it. Let us be clear: you can definitely do it if you want to. That is why we are not setting out to do that. That is why we are working with the sector to try to ensure that this is a workable policy in the real world as opposed to a theoretical debate around a table.
> Senator MINCHIN-Fair enough.
> Senator Conroy-Can I come back to Senator Ludlam's comment about euthanasia. I was halfway through a sentence in the Broadcasting Services Act. The sort of material I described would be refused classification currently and regarded as prohibited content now. That is what I described before. I am happy to repeat that.

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