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Welcome news, given how patchy they are in payment:

PM Rudd announces small business package

October 24, 2008 - 3:31PM

The federal government says the tax office will work with small 
business to minimise the impact of the global economic crisis.

Addressing a business summit in Brisbane on Friday, Prime Minister 
Kevin Rudd unveiled a package of measures including individual tax 
management plans, $4 million for advisory centres and guarantees of 
on-time payments for businesses that deal with government departments.

The government will also streamline the process of small businesses 
selling goods and services to the public service.

The on-time payment guarantee will apply to contracts with the 
government up to $1 million.

 From December 1, payments will be made to businesses within 30 days 
otherwise the companies will have the right to charge penalty interest.

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