[LINK] Virtual Murder, Real Arrest

Michael Meloni mike at somebodythinkofthechildren.com
Sat Oct 25 11:24:01 EST 2008

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> However, I saw a program yesterday on -*cough*- Dr Phil -*cough* 
> about cyberbullying that was truly ugly. Xbox players are threatening 
> other players. And in Xbox games with webcams, people are parading 
> nude and leud in family games like Uno. Microsoft was doing nothing 
> to address complaints unless there were 10 registered, and even then 
> they did nothing. Phil's office contacted MS with questions as to why 
> they were not enforcing their no tolerance policy, and MS saluted and 
> said they'd get right on it. I don't know when that program 
> originally aired, so I have no info if anything was done. 

Microsoft gets patent for real-time f-bomb bleeping
October 20, 2008 - 06:25AM CT

'Back in 2004 Microsoft applied for a patent for real-time censoring of 
audio streams <http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060505-6757.html>, 
and now the USPTO has granted that patent. '



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