[LINK] Telstra dummy-spit on NBN & structural separation

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Mon Oct 27 11:49:41 EST 2008

At 11:15 AM Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Not sure why we need any government if we have Telstra!
Which brings me back to something that's been niggling at me since I 
read the original report.  Given the catastrophic weaknesses of free 
enterprise systems, recently so spectacularly demonstrated (again), do 
we want commercial interests anywhere near our telecommunications 
infrastructure?  Should we reconsider public ownership?

If the infrastructure is controlled by an entity with no commercial 
interest, then there should be no problem with equitable access for 
retail competitors.

Or do I risk being burned at the stake for heresy?

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