[LINK] "Identity Theft" [was: Copyright Infringement as Stealing: Pfft!]

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 08:55 AM 28/10/2008, Stephen Wilson wrote:
>Some prefer "identifier theft" (or "identity takeover") to "identity
>theft" but I think that's splitting hairs.  I subscribe to the view that
>I possess a plurality of digital identities (bank accounts, memberships,
>personal mail accounts, employment episodes, avatars etc.) and I
>certainly feel that each of them is susceptible to theft.

Yeah, but.....
There is value in saying fraud and impersonation and theft of real 
goods, like money from bank accounts, because:
1 and 3 are understood and established crimes
2 is beyond the concrete and adds the 'creep' factor that isn't 
obvious in 'identity theft'

I think this area, because as you point out Stephen that it's 'new' 
in the 'virtual' world(s), is one that just hasn't settled. So the 
vocabulary is still seeking its level of meaning and understanding, 
both in the legal area and the common language. Unfortunately, those 
don't always (often?) intersect in the beginning stages of a 'new' concept.

The debate does need to be had.


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