[LINK] No deal with Yahoo! re Zimbra and Australian non-profits

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Tue Oct 28 19:23:55 EST 2008

Darrell Burkey wrote:

> For a small admin fee paid to DonorTec most any non-profit organisation
> can obtain software/hardware from vendors participating in the project.
> It's highly likely that the organisations mentioned in this article are
> eligible for the DonorTec program so I would think they might end up
> with licenses costing them far less than the academic licenses they now
> have.
> Unless of course there is some factor I have totally missed or am not
> aware of which is certainly possible. But again, I'm not sure this
> article is actually a fair representation of the issue. 

donortec has restrictions on number of software to be provided and there 
are limitations as to the frequency of software to be 'sold' under this 

My dislike of this program is its insidious nature, of 
corruption/conversion by reducing the barrier to entry to microsoft 

Still MS and Cisco aren't the first to do this sort of thing, the 
Jesuits did it a long time ago and religious and fanatical groups 
continue to do it today.


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