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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 09:22 AM 29/10/2008, grove at zeta.org.au wrote:
>  If it ain't shrink wrapped and comes with a EULA,
>it's obviously not a product.   Even our Directory Services project
>is under tender with the CAUDIT offering of Sun One IDM etc which is
>    mostly free having to compete with products that cost $$$$$$ because
>of some stupid feature or another.

This concept of 'supported software' has always made me shake my 
head. I can see it for major systems - e.g. financials, student 
management, etc. - but not for desktops. There is some value in the 
training sense, but I'm starting to wonder if that should be anywhere 
close to a driving factor any more. By this stage in computer skills 
development, we should be well past the 'need to train' argument in 
most modern workplaces. People come with keyboard skills and word 
processing and at least a passing acquaintance with spreadsheets if 
they need it.

Seems to me the open approach to desktop has come. The concepts 
should be embedded [all word processors have cut/copy/paste, for 
example and require a unique filename to be saved]. So why not at 
least take the step to allow for OS at that level? Is that happening?

The network and server software area is something I've not had to 
make decisions about, so I'll leave that to you sysops folks.

[who is trying to use OO as much as possible now](waves at Brenda re 
the $ and \n\n discovery. It's working fine.)

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