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At 10:08 AM 29/10/2008, you wrote:
>A challenge: In just one sentence, explain when you should "click" and
>when you should "double-click". After you explain what "double-click"
>means, 'cos they might know it as "click twice".

'you win'. But, we weren't talking about small business. I was 
thinking more about large organisations where the decisions are big 
contracts to companies based on the shrink wrap that Rachel raised.

I agree re small business. I see it every day in another club I 
belong to. Some folks 'get it'. Others are babes in the woods. Last 
night I reminded someone about copy paste in order to prepare a flyer 
with info coming from two different sources. Once I said that, she 
said, oh yeah, I remember now. Some skills just aren't used often.

But whether the small business uses OO or MSO, the lack of skills 
will be no different as a result. And buying from MS just uses up 
funds that could be used to cover the cost of training. Have I missed 
something in that?


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