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Rod Knuckles ?? interviewee VP of I Save Australia.

concern is
misguided - false sense of security
Technically deficiencies -
up to 70% slower performance, particularly for rural users [the bush 
gets it in the neck again]
serious over and under blocking which relates to false sense of security

Conroy declined to comment.

ally: don't we need to know what is being banned?
He agreed.
If to make children safer online: education.

ally: if key words, won't it lock out everything, so not under blocking?
no, int'l studies show both under and over. Always behind the game 
because of the methodology.
there is no rigorous educational system in schools, which is what is 
needed. As seriously as water and road safety.

ally: will you be able to override?
up for debate, but no.

text messages: computer person said they could get past it 
immediately and silently. second message: are we now a dictatorship? 
have we forgotten the Olympics?

Short and sweet. Where is the government on defending their position? 
So far the air is all to the anti position. Of course, the Rudd Govt 
has form in only speaking to the shock jocks. Is that what is 
happening on this issue?


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