[LINK] E-voting fears run high as election day looms

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Wed Oct 29 17:14:09 EST 2008

Stephen Wilson wrote:
> Richard Chirgwin wrote [listing important characteristics of e-voting]:
>> 4) The network must not be the Internet  ...
> That's pretty strong!  Do you believe there is no possibility of an
> adequate security model for votes to be cast over the Internet?
> Cheers,
Yes ...

It goes back not only to what security is available to the Internet, but
to the citizens' trust in the system. Even if mistrust were irrational,
it must still be satisfied. I don't believe the security is completely
addressable; and I certainly don't think the mistrust could ever be

Exposing electoral machines to the Internet is also a risk; what if that
overlooked-but-important buffer overrun gets its zero-day exploit on
election day?

And finally, there's the matter of transparency (again). Citizens need
to be able to understand what's going on, and (frankly) the world of
Internet security models can even glaze-over experts.

The Internet is a wonderful creature, but that doesn't mean it's the
best tool for all possible applications.

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