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> Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser
>     * Reviewed by Celeste Biever on  17 September 2008
>     * Basic Books
>     * $25.95
>     * ISBN 9780465005154
> CAN you recall the world before the internet? If the answer is yes,  
> you need Born Digital to get under the skin of the first generation  
> who can't. It explores why kids today expect music to be free, love  
> violent video games, casually tell all on Facebook and "graze" on  
> the news. It may sound frivolous, but misunderstanding these  
> "digital natives" can lead to big mistakes like unnecessary laws in  
> the name of copyright protection or online safety - and lost  
> opportunities for education, innovation and democracy, the authors  
> warn. A well-reasoned, thorough synthesis of some momentous, if  
> familiar, ideas.

> The first generation of digital natives - children who were born  
> into and raised in the digital world - are coming of age, and soon  
> our world will be reshaped in their image. Our economy, our cultural  
> life, even the shape of our family life will be forever transformed.  
> But who are these digital natives? How are they different from older  
> generations - or digital immigrants - and what is the world theyre  
> creating going to look like? In Born Digital, leading internet and  
> technology experts John Palfrey and Urs Gasser offer a sociological  
> portrait of this exotic tribe of young people who can seem, even to  
> those merely a generation older, both extraordinarily sophisticated  
> and strangely narrow. Based on original research, Born Digital  
> explores a broad range of issues, from the highly philosophical to  
> the purely practical: What does identity mean for young people who  
> have dozens of online profiles and avatars? Should we worry about  
> privacy issues - or is privacy even a relevant concern for digital  
> natives? How does the concept of safety translate into an  
> increasingly virtual world? Is stranger-danger a real problem, or a  
> red herring? What lies ahead - socially, professionally, and  
> psychologically - for this generation? A smart, practical guide to a  
> brave new world and its complex inhabitants, Born Digital will be  
> essential reading for parents, teachers, and the myriad of confused  
> adults who want to understand the digital present - and shape the  
> digital future.

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