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The ACS asked me to write an unit on Green IT Strategies for their 
e-learning postgraduate program next year. The content will be free 
under a creative commons licence. A brief summary is appended and the 
draft outline is at: 

I would welcome suggestions and comments on this. I will be 
discussing sustainability education at the University of Melbourne 
Symposium on Sustainability of the Internet and ICT, 25 November 
2008: <http://www.tomw.net.au/technology/it/ict_sustainability_education/>.

Green ICT Strategies is an emerging discipline with no widely 
accepted approach. This subject is drawn from practices being 
developed in the public and private sectors internationally. 
Implementation methodologies and assessment tools currently being 
field-tested are introduced. Qualification schemes and accreditation 
are yet to be established and it is possible those completing this 
subject may be involved in that development.

The ACS course on Green ICT Strategies is based on:

    1.      The Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program, 
Sustainable IT Lecture Series, Natural Edge Project, 2008
    2.      The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool 
(EPEAT), Green Electronics Council. GEC 2006.
    3.      Energy Star Program , U.S. Environmental Protection 
Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, 2007

At the completion of this subject the student can ... Apply specific 
Green ICT Strategies techniques such as impact analysis, estimation 
techniques, energy and material life cycle analysis;

Competencies based on Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

Green ICT Strategies will target SIFA Level 5 competencies: "ensure, 
advise: Broad direction, supervisory, objective setting 
responsibility. Influences organisation. Challenging and 
unpredictable work. Self sufficient in business skills". With the 
following skills:


     *      Procurement & management support
           o            Supply management
                 +                  Procurement
           o            Quality management
                 +                  Compliance audit
     *      Strategy & planning
           o            Business/IS strategy and planning
                 +                  Business process improvement
                 +                  Enterprise Architecture
           o            Technical strategy and planning
                 +                  Emerging technology monitoring
                 +                  Methods and tools


Week 1: Introduction to Green ICT Strategies
Week 2, 3: Methods and tools
Week 4: Energy saving
Week 5: Materials Use
Week 6: Environmental Auditing
Week 7, 8: Procurement
Week 9, 10: Business Process Improvement
Week 11, 12: Enterprise Architecture
Week 13: Revision and discussion for assignment 2

To complete the subject you will need to spend 8-10 hours each week 
reading, communicating with colleagues and tutors, and preparing assignments.

Teaching Strategies

By distance education through online learning methods ... Online 
learning is the main delivery method, moderated and supported by a 
tutor, mentor, student discussion forums and weekly feedback through 
ACS Education. Students are grouped in cohorts of 20. The students 
are also supported by the Registrar with email, phone, and fax contact.

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