[LINK] Australian know-how helps Google Maps find its way

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> Lars Rasmussen presents the 2009 Innovation Lecture in Brisbane (30  
> June), Sydney (2 July), Melbourne (8 July) and Adelaide (9 July)
> http://www.warren.usyd.edu.au/bulletin/NO57/ed57art1.htm
> > Australian know-how helps Google Maps find its way


It was a great story Kim and it has a happy ending. 
What a shame they had to go to California to raise capital.
The Government talks a great talk about building an Australian Silicon
But surely the first step of that would be to build a viable Angel
Investment infrastructure in Australia and then keep it by offering tax

Similar "schemes" in the past have only lasted until voter attention was
satisfied, and then allowed to lapse.

Possibly if :
Our miners started processing mineral ore instead of shipping it raw AND
Australia returned to the Gold Standard - we could make a profit by
being able to balance our deficit every year and invest that profit in
an incubation scheme.


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