[LINK] Internet 'to be full by 2012'

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Wed Apr 1 11:39:26 AEDT 2009

And while we're at it...

Internet 'to be full by 2012'
Joe Nalist
April 1, 2009 - 8:32AM

US scientists are frantically working on contingency plans after a study 
revealed the world wide web would become saturated with content by the 
year 2012.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) report found that at the 
current rate of uploading, all the world's servers and all those 
projected to be built would be full inside the next three years.

Computer scientists are divided on whether to try and somehow increase 
the capacity of the web or to start deleting pages no longer deemed 

Blogs analysing the minutiae of daily life, Facebook profiles for 
animals and the 1,980,000 pages devoted to David Hasselhoff are some of 
those nominated by scientists as candidates to be axed.

Spoof news stories are also slated for deletion.

The projected date of the meltdown is April 1, 2012, exactly three years 
from today.


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