[LINK] Skype on your iPhone!

Peter Bowditch peter at ratbags.com
Wed Apr 1 15:24:50 AEDT 2009

> > Luxembourg: EBay's Skype, an internet calling service with about 400
> million users around the world, plans to release a version of its
> Internet-based phone software for Apple's iPhone, which allows Skype
> users to make free calls on computers or supported cellphones with Wi-Fi,
> reported The Wall Street Journal.
> <http://www.siliconindia.com/shownews/Skype_now_tread_onto_mobile_phones-
> nid-54490.html>

I hope it's a better product than the version they did for Windows Mobile. 
You couldn't turn it off without rebooting the phone (and I'm not even 
sure that worked) and it just sat there sucking bandwidth continually 
checking to see who of your Skype contacts was online. I quickly decided 
that I would rather use the calls included in my plan than spend all my 
data allocation checking to see if there was somebody I could call for 

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