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> Institutional Repositories: The Great Debate

>> Introduction
    by Helen R. Tibbo, Rachael Green Clemens and Carolyn Hank
>>  Topic 1:  All Universities Should Have an Institutional Repository
    Affirmative: Soo Young Rieh
    Negative: Kevin Smith

>>  Topic 2:  Libraries Should Lead the Institutional Repository
>>  Initiative and Development at Their Institutions
    Affirmative: Jim Ottaviani
    Negative: Carolyn Hank

>>  Topic 3: Institutional Repositories Should Be Built
>>  on Open Source Software
    Affirmative: Paul Jones
    Negative: Michael Day and Alexander Ball

>>  Topic 4:  Institutional Repository Success is Dependent Upon Mandates
    Affirmative: Steve Harnad
    Negative: Nancy McGovern


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