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> On Tue, Apr 07, 2009, David Boxall wrote:
> > OK, so it will take 8 years and reach 90% of premises. What 
> happens in
> > the interim? What happens at the edges?

Adrian Wrote:
> I'd also like to note that having everyone connected at 
> 100mbit but still being limited to a few gigabytes a month of 
> "internet" is only going to serve the ISP/Telco's - it allows 
> them to push their own services, under their terms, to the 
> end user, but doesn't really leave all that much space for 
> creative innovation. 

Yes - but you are assuming that traditional media content is still king.
So far all methods of delivery of traditional content at unacceptably
high transit pricing has failed long term as a business model. 

Indications are strong that tommorrow we will be more intertested in
local community content.
Unbiased News and happenings to our friends and relatives.

I would suggest that tommorrows content will be P2P so in fact the real
media kings will be the ISP's that facilitate MLPA peering.

Just my 2c in reply.

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