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Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Wed Apr 8 14:28:03 AEST 2009

On 08/04/2009, at 2:14 PM, Paul Koerbin wrote:
> I've been asked to complete a survey for the National Diet Library  
> in Japan and one of the questions asks about the spread of the  
> Internet in Australia and what the "Internet diffusion rate" is. Can  
> anyone help me with where I might get any meaningful figures in  
> regard to this? Not sure if this is just a Japanes measure or  
> something that is analysed in Australia.

By "Internet diffusion" they probably mean "penetration", i.e. %age of  
households with it. I'm zooming out now, but both ACMA reports http://www.acma.gov.au 
  and Bureau of Stats http://www.abs.gov.au track this stuff.


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