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ABS MEDIA RELEASE  April 6, 2009  20/2009 


Wireless broadband subscriptions triple in 2008: ABS

Wireless broadband subscriptions tripled in 2008 according to figures 
released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 

Wireless connections accounted for 21% (or 1,462,000) of all broadband 
subscriptions, up from 481,000 in December 2007. 

Australia had almost eight million active internet subscribers at 
December 2008; with just under 84% being broadband connections. 

Half of all broadband subscribers (four million) choose faster 
connections (1.5 megabits per second or greater*), an increase of 15% 
from December 2007. 

Other Internet activity highlights as at December 2008 include: 

there were 6.6 million household subscribers, and 1.3 million business 
and government subscribers 

4.2 million broadband subscribers used a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL, 

1.3 million broadband subscribers used a mobile wireless connection** 

the number of broadband subscribers was 6.7 million (i.e. subscribers on 
speeds 256 kilobits per second or greater) 

More details are available in Internet Activity, Australia, December 2008 
(cat. no. 8153.0).

* Media Note 

*A 1.5 Megabit per second connection speed allows you to download a song 
(in MP3 format) in about 20 seconds. 

**The ABS defines mobile broadband as an Internet connection by mobile 
WiMAX, or a 3G datacard or USB modem; 3G mobile phone handsets are not 

Please ensure when reporting on ABS data that you attribute the 
Australian Bureau of Statistics (or the ABS) as the source.
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