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[interesting finding. With the winds of the lower latitudes, we 
should be able to match for less than a 1/10th of the population, no?]
SpuriousLogic writes to mention that a new Interior Department report 
suggests that wind turbines off US coastlines could supply enough 
electricity to meet, or exceed, the nation's current demand. While a 
good portion of this is easily accessible through shallow water 
sites, the majority of strong wind resources appear to be in deep 
water which represents a significant technological hurdle. "Salazar 
told attendees at the 25x'25 Summit in Virginia, a gathering of 
agriculture and energy representatives exploring ways to cut carbon 
dioxide emissions, that "we are only beginning to tap the potential" 
of offshore renewable energy. The report is a step in the Obama 
administration's mission to chart a course for offshore energy 
development, an issue that gained urgency last year amid high oil 
prices and chants of 'Drill, baby, drill' at the Republican National 


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