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Best new Investment based on ACTA.

A warm Welcome by the CEO of PPP

d/2008/12/06/picture_21.png> Welcome to PPP! This is my first blog post,
so please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dimitri Johnson, and
I am the CEO of Pirates Prison Project (PPP). I live in San Francisco
and Paris, France. PPP is the culmination of my 50 years in
entrepreneurship, and I am very excited to have you visit our site.

Here is the story of PPP.

There once was something very powerful that everyone came to love and
use all the time: the Internet. And there once was an industry that
hated this Internet which everyone loved: the music industry. How dare
those consumers mess up their business by going directly to the artists
and each other, by sharing, by setting up their own distribution, by
escaping their elaborate marketing plans, and by forming their own

Then, a simple plan was hatched: let's just monitor and control
http://www.piratesprisons.com/the_videos/ people do with their beloved
Internet, and disconnect the evil-doers, and everything will be alright
again. No need to change the industry - change the Internet users,

PPP was created because anyone not living in an igloo on the North Pole
will agree that we will soon need to jail Billions of Internet users
around the world - if the industry's plan is successful. And it very
well may be: who would want to oppose eager governments, leading
industry figures, famous icons of rock music, and powerful lobbying
organizations? Our future as perpetually criminal Internet users is all
but certain. Everyone is guilty by default: since nobody will want to do
without Internet access, no matter what, everyone will end up going to
jail: a great business opportunity, indeed.  All of our kids, parents,
friends and peers. Off to jail we go! 

It continues - Here --> http://www.piratesprisons.com/

Tom - ;-O

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