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I said sometime ago on link that my favourite weekend writer was Dave
So here is the Tom Koltai attempt at introducing Barryism into an
otrherwise serious dissertation.

Today's article is only for open minded individuals. 

If you consider that all conspiracy theories are garbage and are not
open to the what, why, how and when, then please go and join a monastery
and put in a request to come back in the next life as an ostrich.

The content industry has learnt that push begets pushback which cycles
and becomes even larger pushback and so on - to the point where the
national security of the free world may be challenged permanently
because of the actions of one run-away train - The Music Industry.

We have all heard the term, "The Tyranny of Power".
What does it really mean?

When each of us voted for (Australia) Rudd; (Canada) Harper; (Japan)
Aso; (NZ) Clark, (Sth Korea) Moo-hyun; (USA) Obama; none of us realized
that these men would be implementing legislation that is designed to
remove our basic right of privacy.(Gordon Brown is omitted because he
wasnt actually voted for.)

There's an old saying in business: if something is too risky, or too
unpopular, get the government to do it - and pay them to do it!.

Politicians have a different mandate to the rest of us mortals.

And of course - the link to the rest of the article is here -->

I could post the whole thing - but its long. But here's the spoiler for
those of you without browser access......

Lets stop ACTA now. before everyone is forced to $20 pay for a kernel of
Monsato GM corn - Germany has rejected this notion - so should we.

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