[LINK] David Brin's Earth

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Thu Apr 16 09:25:47 AEST 2009

Kim Holburn wrote:
> David Brin's Earth was a surprisingly prescient Novel about the  
> internet in the near future at the time, maybe about now?  If you are  
> a David Brin fan like me you might be interested in these links.
I didn't think _Earth_ was one of Brin's better books, at least back
in 1992.

I was more focused on its merits as a novel, though, than on its
near-future predictions.  I may also have been less impressed by
Brin's predictions about the Internet than some as I was already
using the Internet in 1992 (when I read _Earth_) and even in 1990
(when it was published).


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