[LINK] Lost in the Blue Mountains: triple-0 operator 'uncaring'

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Fri Apr 17 03:30:59 AEST 2009

At 07:18 16/04/2009, David Boxall wrote:
> > The manager of the Sydney call centre of the Ambulance Service of NSW,
> > Superintendent Peter Payne, agreed that there had been serious
> > deficiencies in the way his centre had handled five of the emergency
> > calls made by David Iredale, 17, on December 11, 2006.
> >
>A young man gets lost in the bush, but he has a lifeline: a mobile phone
>and a working network connection. He makes at least seven calls to
>emergency services, but ends up dead. He should have had a good chance
>at survival. What went wrong?


> > ... the call takers had been "fixated'' with receiving a street
> > address as it was required by their training.
>The operatives couldn't think their way around the fact that there are
>no street signs in the bush. Sound bizarre? In my experience, it's

Of course.  When you tell people they have to go to school to get an 
education ot get a job, and at school tel then they have to go to Uni 
to get a better job, and when they are at Uni tell them they have to 
get an Masters to get an even better job ...

Eventually the Monkey's reach their highest level of competence.  Oh 
sorry, people reach their highest level of incompetence, and hence 
people, become victims, of incompetence because, well because they 
are trained not to think.

Gawd imagine if you had to think on your job!  Don't most people turn 
up to work to get paid?  You want to them think too?

Sympathy to the family.  It should never have happened.  But then 
look at all the bogus 000 calls that have armies turn up instead.

And to think, all that was needed was to establish what mobile 
network the boy was on, triangulate the location to within 1800 
meters and presto!  His life would have been saved whilst his phone 
was on Standby!

Googlemaps on your mobile anyone - it works 99% of the time, although 
one night I was in LA and it said I was in Frankfurt.  I was 
beginning to wonder if the US was invading the South Pole. 

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