[LINK] Lost in the Blue Mountains: triple-0 operator 'uncaring'

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Fri Apr 17 09:18:40 AEST 2009

On 17/04/2009, at 8:57 AM, Danny Yee wrote:

> The other option would be to ring a family member or friend, who  
> should
> know what route I planned to take -- and will be motivated to help.

Not always an option. There are places where the signal strength is so  
poor that only 000 calls or SMS get through - and there are places  
where SMS *might* get through, but is delayed for a considerable time.

In any event, he might well have tried to call others - we simply  
don't know.

Note also that he got into trouble DURING the expedition: authorities  
would not normally have been altered until AFTER he was due back. So  
the generally-accepted practices that are in place for Duke of  
Edinburgh's Award activities (which are comprehensive) would not have  


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