[LINK] Lost in the Blue Mountains: triple-0 operator 'uncaring'

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Fri Apr 17 10:15:58 AEST 2009

$quoted_author = "grove at zeta.org.au" ;
> On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, Martin Barry wrote:
>> I saw the Ambulance one in Charlestown quite a few years back just before
>> they moved into it. Looked like a typical "war room" from the movies.
> There's your problem, right there.    Should look more like a 21st Century
> "NOC".

I was going with a analogy that I thought would resonate with more people,
but they are one and the same, no?

- Operators taking calls, collecting data, diffusing it to the right people.
- Supervisors overseeing and coordinating. 
- Maps projected on the wall.
- Big open space with line of sight from anywhere to anywhere.

Regardless, it looked a 1000% better than the couple of cubicles in Hamilton
that was the existing centre.


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