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> >This whole pirate situation is getting out of control, right? Just
> >can't stop thinking about it. Two more attacks yesterday. I mean, I 
> >don't understand how it works. Apparently, they pull up to the ship, 
> >they fire some shots, scare everyone off, then they climb up the 
> >side, then I guess they copy and distribute DVD's. Is that 
> what they do?

Its OK Jan - Obama has it under control......

>From http://ezinearticles.com/?Yo-Bo,-See-the-Pirates?-Sickem&id=2213796

Well after about the longest media wait in Presidential History for the
White House Dog, the Obama's now have a puppy, his name is "Bo" as in Bo
Diddley? The dog is a Portuguese Water Dog and is a scraggly looking
fellow, but should do the trick. It's a beautiful black dog indeed. This
is the dog the country has been waiting for and that the media over
played for weeks on end.

In fact, the TV and newspapers made such a big deal about it; the
Obama's were forced to acquiesce and bring the dog issue to the
forefront and use it as a news event for the Easter Holiday weekend. The
Obama's also picked out a church to attend for the holiday and that too
made news. But what really took hold of the Easter Day Weekend was the
successful saving of the Cargo Ship Capitan Phillips from the Somalian
Pirate Bad Guys.

So, what did we have? A little praying, a little dog, and a few very
sorry, no longer amongst the living outlaw pirates. Maybe we are turning
the corner on some of the bad news that has surrounded our airwaves and
papers during President Obama's first 100-days in office. One has to
wonder if we can turn Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog into Navy Seal attack
dog, can you just imagine it?

"Yo, Bo, see the pirates? Now, sickem' and take no prisoners!"

Well, perhaps not, but a Portuguese Water Dog is a smart breed and
perfect for the White House watch dog. So, maybe this was a very wise
choice? Think on it.

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