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At 10:06 AM 19/04/2009, Karl Auer wrote:

>Just what exactly would wipe the "yawn" off your face, if the fact of
>*three hundred thousand people* taking the time to protest leaves you

Goodness, I struck a nerve! Unintentionally, btw. But truly, I wasn't 
impressed. I don't think I need to justify my feelings to anyone, frankly.
has the figure I mentioned. Read the comments to see why this is all silly.

So one tenth of 1 percent of the US population attended a "tea party" 
yesterday. I'd bet that far more people marched in parades across the 
country on gay pride day than attended "tea parties" yesterday. In my 
city (Buffalo), with one million people in the metro area, 150 people 
attended a "tea party". Why is anyone talking about this again?


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