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Techdirt has an interesting look back at some of the more interesting 
predictions on copyright. The article looks at two different pre-DMCA 
papers and compare them to what has happened in the world of 
copyright. "The second paper is by Pamela Samuelson, and it discusses 
(again, quite accurately) the coming power grab by "copyright 
maximalists" via the DMCA, entitled The Copyright Grab. It clearly 
saw the intention of the DMCA to remove user rights, and grant highly 
questionable additional rights and powers to copyright holders in an 
online world. Samuelson lays out many concerns about where this is 
headed -- including how these proposals appear to trample certain 
fair use rights -- and in retrospect, her fears seem to have been 
backed up by history. Samuelson, by the way, has just written a new 
paper that is also worth reading pointing out how ridiculous current 
copyright statutory rates are -- an issue of key importance in the 
ongoing Tenebaum lawsuit, which (thankfully) the judge in the case is 
going to consider."

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