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On Sun, 2009-04-19 at 21:40 -0700, David Goldstein wrote:
> Red Faces All Round At Wikipedia Over Wikileaks.de
> found out that the ISP ended the contract (in 
> German, Babelfish translation) with Theodor Reppe 
> back in December 2008, with the mandatory 
> three-month notice giving him enough time to move 
> wikileaks.de elsewhere ­ which he did not do.

I found a Babelfish translation of some other doc. Hard to tell with
Babelfish. Here's a translation of Beast's further comments.

Regards, K.

14 April 2009

Further to wikileaks.de in Transit

We are pleased to provide further information regarding the placing of
the domain wikileaks.de into Transit and regarding the current claims
being made. The termination notice we issued was not for any particular
domain, but for an overarching contract. The notice was sent via email,
fax an post to the addresses that were known to us. The termination was
not made at the behest of any German authority. Until we were approached
for a statement on 11 April 2009 we knew nothing of the existence of the
domain wikileaks.de, because domain orders are fully automated.

The press release published on wikileak.org on 14 April


puzzles us not least because the statement therein that there was an
agreement with the telephone support hotline cannot be substantiated. In
addition, such an agreement would have contradicted the content of the
termination notice. It is strange that the customer did not demand a
written record of this variation of an uncontested termination notice.
Previous and current queries, including those relating to the
termination, were all in writing via the ticket system.

The email released by wikileaks.org is one from 14 November 2008, in
which we requested a response from Mr Reppe. No satisfactory reply was

In an email of 25 November 2008, after we had notified him that a notice
of termination would be arriving in next few days, Mr Reppe informed us
that the domain would be transferred. The termination notice was then
sent on time in early December, allowing an orderly changeover.

The domain wikileaks.de was paid up to the middle of January, so a
timely transfer could occur without any additional costs. The domain
owner failed to do this, however. The statement made, that the domain
was paid up for an additional year in advance, does not concur with the

Without the written permission of the customer concerned, it is
unfortunately not possible for us to give the exact reasons why we
issued the termination notice. If written permission is received from
the domain owner, we will provide a detailed explanation.

We wish to point out again, explicitly, that the termination notice was
not contested and that there is no pending complaint regarding it.


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