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>Or does me typing in a URL count as a "great resource"? ;)
> As as aside, I do love the corporate inability to start a section  
> labelled "history " with actual history, instead of a canned mission  
> statement-style piece of self-aggrandisement about "vital national  
> resource". Yes, clean air, clean water, electricity, hospitals.. and  
> the ability for Internet domain to end in the characters ".au". Yeah  
> right.

One has to realise that it was Richard Alston that made these
Everything that Richard did was bigger than everything everyone else
He was a Minister.
Of the Government.
The Federal Government.

On leaving politics he said......
RICHARD ALSTON: T3 is the big one and, I think, that ll be some time off
yet, but yes, I mean, you'd always  you'd always like to complete agenda
items but there's always unfinished business in politics, and I don't
think  there's never a right time in that sense. But certainly, I can
look back over the last seven years and see a lot of changes for the
better that have arisen in my area. So 

That's funny Richard, very few Australians would agree with you.

I challenge anyone to nominate one change for the better that Richard
Alston made whilst he was at the helm of this country's stalled and
medieval communications policy.

(Im prepared to bet a whole cheesburger that no-one can think of
anything that benfited one single australian. - with the exception of
course of the Liberal party, their lobbyist advisors, Telstra Board
members and brokers involved in T1, T2 and T3.)

Just goes to show what a wonderful country we live in. The opportunity
for anyone to attain great levels of power is still available,
regardless of religion, creed, colour or IQ.

Telling it like it is..... Tom

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